Use R!

Join the R Revolution! R is an open source software for statistics, programming and IMHO, the best there is for most sciences.

Why use R? R is always available and updated free of charge. Many commercial software are great but licenses and/or regular upgrades are quite expensive. More importantly, files from commercial software will be lost if one fails to purchase a license or if the company shuts down. The popularity of R in research is growing exponentially! You can see this trend in an article by Robert A. Muenchen [Link]

Find out more and download R: The R Project
For a gentle ‘point and click’ interface, also install: R Studio

One of many good websites to learn R: Quick-R

The workshop “First steps using R and RStudio” will be given during the UBC R User meeting of Sept. 25th, 2012 from 4-5pm (in EME 1153).

Workshop Poster

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